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Question from a reader:

Hi , I was with my boyfriend for 2 1/2 years and 6 months at that time. I broke up with him twice more stupid things, over-reaction on my part):

Anyway, now has a girlfriend and I tried to get our relationship back. We talk and see friends and even (he told his girlfriend he was dating other people). He did the work at my house for two weeks and we had a great time and yes sex (I did stop sex, but then gave once last week.) We have an intense sexual relationship and staff).

He said he did not trust me and fear - he breaks up with her and get back together - I'll break your heart again and it hurts so much, do not want to relive it.

He took the new girl in a skiing trip Thu until tomorrow. We had intense love making on Wednesday before going (he says his sex bad he did not find someone as good as me, and he has to get drunk and use the liquid natural "viagra" for her.)

Anyway, I told him that I did not call, I'll wait for him to call me.

He comes home tomorrow, and we have not talked since Thu What should I do? How should I proceed? How can you trust me again?

Thank you very much for any help! I love his series "Forever Yours"! It is excellent.

Winning Your Ex Back With … Fear?

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MEETINGS question from a reader:Thank you so much for making the secret password to his heart ...I was dating a guy that I loved and cared a lot, but at the same time I could not connect to it anymore.We both noticed that I had changed and I could not communicate with him at this level of depth more.How do I connect with my ex thinks I do not understand (eg men and himself in general)I feel so helpless when I'm with him and I find it hard to keep my emotions together. I feel I've done and I know how it is and I'm afraid of losing but I'm not sure he believes most or even realizes more.How do I put the fear in him and make him feel that being with me is much better than being alone.

Please help ...Thank you, Sandyhow-to-win-back-your-ex______________________Carlos Cavallo Replies:Well, Sandy - start with your last question in your email ..."How can I put the fear in him and make him feel that being with me is much better than being alone.

"This is probably not the best focus to make him recognize your value. We do not want to focus on the fear factor in our relations.HOWEVER - all relationships need something called THEREFORE in them.It's the same thing that we teach children, right?If you do this "bad thing", there is a consequence. Usually, something you do not like.If you do this "good thing", then there is another consequence. Usually, something good - for you and the relationship.And he did not need to be a sense that there is a final result of the relationship.Now it is quite controversial, so make sure you're sitting when you read this ...Every healthy relationship has a mutual understanding in it - if you cross the line and go too far, your relationship could end.This is absolutely necessary for all relationships to maintain compliance.
 For you and for him.Look the reality is that human nature is configured to take advantage of people who take too much crap from us. We can not help!I have seen perfectly good people (including me) This time and again. When someone, it is clear that they will let you walk all over them like a carpet, we say we do not do, but we almost always do. (Pssst ... yes, even if you do!)This is why the myth of "unconditional love" - ​​although theoretically very romantic and very "nice" - is a killer absolute relationship with men.
 It is unrealistic and destroys the feeling of attraction and desire.Because men are basically little boys grew up with a need to move a few problems here and there. And if they do not have limits, they get into trouble.

Don’t Fall Victim To The “Refunder” Mentality!

How To Avoid This Deadly Dating Trap…

There are guys out there who does not return anything ... One pair of shoes for women leaving! Nothing and no one is good enough for them - they have the right syndrome, are selfish and too lazy to find something to work for them.This includes women who cross the date for a short time, see what they can get away with it. And it will pull like a dirty underwear. Learn to recognize these guys - and protect you!I want to tell you a story .... I am writing because I just got off the phone with a woman in distress in her early 40s, named Samantha. She called me in tears ... literally.

password to his heart (3) 

It is assumed that he met a boy about 4 months ago called Cal Cal At first he thought it was everything I wanted in a man ... She thought he was loving, caring and loving ... He is a teacher of primary school, beautiful and attractive big beautiful eyes,.Samantha fell madly in Cal ... but today its appeal, out of nowhere, and says he does not want to see and I found someone new. 

 Samantha could not believe it ... They had seen two nights ago, and everything was great, with plans for tonight. Samantha searched and tried to understand what was wrong, he did something he was not aware of.Cal proceeded to say that Samantha had lost attraction and interest in her, and he met a woman who was very attracted. He said he has more in common with the new girl, and that "I had something new."As Samantha said, sobbing in tears told me how this guy is for her (but not obvious), she started telling me about all the good things, friendly he had done for him .password of your heart (3)One of the first things he mentioned is that last week, returned a pair of shoes for him.Well, now number one, would not have been driving shoes for him, but that he wanted to return the shoes that caught my attention first ..."Why do you want to return the shoes, Samantha?", I asked.This is what I said: "Well, he had bought these shoes, I thought I loved, I had to work once a week and realized he did not like and they are not the type of shoes and I wanted to return, but I do not have time, so I did it for him. "After hearing this, I immediately asked: "Why you do not know at this point that finally back too ... sooner or later ... As you do today?"You see, this guy obviously has what is sometimes called "mentality refunder." Someone who has "refunder mentality" has a right mixture syndrome, laziness, selfishness and scarcity mentality .. . and none of them are good things to have, especially in a dating partner!Anyone can have "refunder mentality" ... a man or a woman ... And women who read this ... must see "refunder mentality" among men! As demonstrated Cal.These are the people who are always complaining about something that "is not good for them," always bellyaching and whining, and a little sour, depressed people to his side.They prefer to "return" something, return it and get it out of your life ... verses put the effort and dedication to make it work or use.It is likely that, in the case of Cal, it just did not feel looked good with these shoes ... they were not his "type" shoes after wearing them for a day.Then he wanted to return used shoes he had worn for a day ... Well, you know what ... In my book, this is plain and simple theft.He did the same thing for Samantha ... He found some "new and improved" (he thinks) he believes is more than your "type" - and so they "turned" Samantha said he would not get away with it any longer.Being in this business, which unfortunately get to see "mentality refunder" overnight ... and in general, I can tell you from the outset, why the man can not get or keep a woman.And vice versa!Guys do not like women with "refunder mentality ..."They will not call it that or even know exactly why they are attracted to the woman who has it. They simply feel that something is weak or whiny, less feminine or cheap and frivolous.The boys are not attracted to women who still have problems with these things are always negative, whining and complaining and whining ... None of this describes a woman who is safe, secure, happy, funny, interesting and optimistic ... 
 and these are things that boys are drawn.As a woman, you should not let a man in your life who constantly upset stomach, is negative, we must expect everything will be given, use something and then return it for a refund or have signs clear right syndrome. If you let a guy in your life ... I guarantee you will "return", as Cal did for Samantha!And ... careful with the guys "refunder mentality" - you do not want to end up shocked and sad that Samantha did.These are important questions to ask yourself when you're always something to read or trying to learn, and want to ensure that the salts of women also think this way: